Have you taken lessons before and given up because you are finding it hard to improve or feel that you are not making progress?
This is the story I hear from so many people and it’s so frustrating for me as a tutor as the beauty with learning piano and keyboard lies within how you are taught.

Most of us just want to be able to play their favourite songs on piano and have a sing song. So many people aren’t given this opportunity to even play a single note until they have learn’t all the theory. I believe that you get faster results by learning the theory as you go and by actually sitting down and playing. This is how I learnt and the best way to enjoy lessons.
After all this is the main reason people take up playing a musical instrument.

Five ways to improve your skills and have fun at the same time are as follows:

STEP 1: PLAN & MANAGE YOUR PRACTICE TIME. Nobody else can do this for you. You know what times are best for you and this varies between every one of us. Do your self a weekly chart and stick to it. Allocate 20 minutes a day to sit at the piano. Practice makes perfect! Remember this!

STEP 2: VARY YOUR SESSIONS AND MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE ALL ASPECTS OF THE PIANO. When writing your practice sheet out, make sure things are different everyday & swap the order around that you practice in.

STEP 3: MEMORISE AND LEARN MAJOR AND MINOR CHORDS. Chords are a key ingredient to success as a piano and keyboard player. These are the brains behind every song you will ever play. Pick a couple of songs you love to sing along to and get your teacher to work out a chord accompaniment sheet for you to learn. This way you can have fun singing at the same time.

STEP 4: DON’T FORGET YOUR SCALES AND FINGER EXERCISES. These are so important for progress and development. Without this training you will struggle to get past beginners level of playing.

STEP 5: HAVE LOT’S OF FUN AND FIND PIECES OF MUSIC THAT SUIT YOUR PERSONALITY. We all have a niche and a favourite style to play but it’s also good to play a selection of different genres and this way you will find a style that you love.