I’ve talked already about creating good TECHNIQUE, and by playing fun scales daily this will help with this but you also need to know how to position your fingers on the keyboard and this is what I am going to talk about with you now.

As a beginner you will naturally tense up a little bit, but the key to moving around the piano and keyboard is to have nice relaxed fingers, hands, arms, wrists and shoulders. This is the first step but there are a few others as well which you need to check when you sit down to practice and these are:

STEP 1: Relax – so ensure your fingers, wrists, arms, hands and shoulders are all relaxed.

STEP 2: Make sure your seat position is correct. A easy way to do this is to position your chair in front if MIDDLE C. The reason for this is Middle C is the centre of your piano and keyboard, so you want your body in the centre so you can move your arms up and down the keys comfortably.

STEP 3: Ok you now know where your chair needs to be positioned. Now you need to know how far away to sit from the piano and keyboard. You need to be an arms length away from the keys. If you are too close you will feel uncomfortable and squashed. If you are too far away you will be over stretching and thus equally will be uncomfortable.

STEP 4: So we have discovered you need to be relaxed, where your chair should be positioned and how close to sit to the piano. Now you need to know how to position your hands and arms. Your arms need to be at a right angle from the piano. So try to avoid sticking your arms out keep them nice and straight and relaxed.

STEP 5: My final step and tip; the most important. How your fingers should look on the keys.

You will find if your fingers are to straight or to curled then you will struggle to glide smoothly over the keys. You need to have nice curled fingers. If you imagine how you would pick up a tennis ball. The position this moves you into is the position and look you need on the keys.

Have fun working on your technique and if you would like a supporting diagram to go with my top tips above then please sign up to my mailing list and I will get this sent to your inbox straight away.


This video is demonstrating how you can play a song in what is called a five finger hand position i.e. without moving your hand out of that position, so each finger is given a note and no extension is required.

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