Scales are a very important factor when you begin to play Piano and Keyboard and should be practiced everyday.

Scale exercises are designed to teach you perfect technique and without having this training you could easily fall into bad habits of playing.
If you don’t play scales then it will be restricting as you progress and move onto more challenging pieces of music and will only be able to reach a certain level without having good finger positioning on the keys.

I can always spot somebody who has had no training as you find they will just use their stronger fingers to play piano and keyboard. God gave us five fingers on each hand! So why not make use of all five. This is what scales do for you, they teach you to play with all your fingers and strengthen up your weaker fingers. By playing with correct technique it enables smoother playing and nice transitions between sections which is what you want to create.

If you get into a daily routine and practice them everyday you will be a confident player that is enjoyable to the ear. You don’t want to be tripping up and making mistakes constantly and you will find this happens if you don’t integrate scales into your musical training. With the correct training scales can be fun.

It’s all about how you approach scales and that you have a variation. People assume sometimes that ascending scales are the only option and I agree if you were just doing these then it could become slightly mundane.

It’s important to vary your scale training and five popular types of scales I regular practice and teach are:

Contrary motion – I will have you playing this hands together by the end of our first lesson together.

Chromatic – This include every note on the piano and are really fun and sound pretty cool! These are ones that you can build up a fast speed with and sound very impressive!

Arpeggios – I have a dedicated section on my website for this type of scale as I think they are so good. They are great to show off and finish songs with so please check my video out.

Blues – Playing the blues is one of the most fun ways to play the piano and if you would like to jam and play in a band then learning these scales are for you. Playing blues scales are what you will use when doing solos and runs when you play in a band and they sound really quirky! I love them and are my favourite along with many of my pupils.

Hanon – These are designed to strengthen all your fingers and come in a variety of different patterns and exercises. These are popular as they are a bit different to the traditional scale and you can integrate rhythm training with these and play along to different drum rhythms so you improve your timing as well as well as having lots of fun. I have a personal section on my website for these as they are so popular so please check it out.

I have a couple of great scale lessons to show you that I’ve put together for beginners and you can be playing these hands together after just 20 minutes of your first lesson. If you would like to take advantage of this great little video lesson then please sign up to our mailing list and I will send it to you instantly.

Now it’s time to go and have some musical fun!