rp_logoRocket Piano Course – Review
Rocket Piano has been developed by a great team of musicians and teachers and has been carefully put together in a clear and concise manner over the past five years. Each member of the team has a wealth of knowledge and has brought something different to the course.

The course provides a wide selection of learning tools and materials and there is something for all beginners to get their teeth into. You can access so much information you will easily have enough material for a few years if not longer.

This includes a six part beginner’s piano course, 7 E Books, with supporting audio and Jam Track software, 57 video lessons, and a bonus pack of software including Jayde Musica Pro – great game that helps improve your sight-reading skills and a Metronome – to train you to have that perfect tempo and rhythm.

The course begins with a six part piano course which is basically an introduction to the piano and keyboard and is the key to playing piano.

It teaches you all the basics you will ever need and gives you all the main ingredients to succeed as a pianist. A couple of the things it covers are posture and technique on the piano, musical alphabet, importance of Middle C and Rhythm. This is just a few of the main things picked out from the beginners section.

Once you have got familiar with the beginners six part course you can progress onto the eBook section which is where you will find a wide selection of courses ranging from beginners right through to advance learning materials. You also have a couple of different genres to try out which is Jazz and Gospel Piano which you will have great fun exploring.

They also provide a fingering and technique exercise book and this is something you should bring into your musical training on a daily basis as this teaches and trains you to have correct technique over the keys.

What is even better is they provide audio and jam tracks which support the e books so you can actually listen and hear what you are learning which speeds up progression and makes it easier to understand if you can hear and listen to what you are trying to learn.

The last main section of the course is the Videos, and you have 57 of them to choose from. So something for everyone’s tastes! What is great about video learning is you can stop and pause sections so you can learn in small stages hands apart and together and this is what they provide. This is the best way to learn as a beginner.

So to sum Rocket Piano up – a great all-rounder course to learning piano, enough selection for everyone to take their pick.

• It has all the information you need to succeed as a piano player and covers all aspects of learning, so you won’t need to look elsewhere for a long time.
• Lessons are clear and concise and laid out in a step by step format which is very easy to follow and broken down into small sections.
• Free bonus software with learning games. These are great fun and Jayde Musica Pro is amazing and will get you reading note perfect in a short space of time.
• Covers beginners level right through to advance so can take you all the way on your musical journey.
• Covers technique and exercises which are a vital part of your development as a pianist.

• The videos can sometimes say they are corrupt and won’t download but when you go back into them and refresh they work. This is probably just due to the amount of material that they provide.
• There is a lot of theory covered which again is great and you will never get bored but it would be good to have a few more audio and video examples to highlight the theory sections which would make it a little bit more interesting, especially for children.

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