Rhythm is one of the most important things in music, and is what makes your music a song or composition. Without a selection of different rhythms, we wouldn’t be able to create and play wonderful music and songs that we do.

If we didn’t have a variation in different rhythm types then music would be quite bland and boring. As you progress on your musical journey you will start to recognise the different shapes and patterns that you will find in any piece of music you will play and learn.

Basically you have different note lengths in music. Learning how long to play each note for is essential to capture the essence of a song. Any note on the piano can have a different shape ranging from half a beat to 4 beats.

This is basic rhythm but you also have ties in music which is a musical extension between bars and different time signatures which also define different styles in music. You also have musical pauses and rests which are breaks in the music which also shape a song.

Rhythm is not only found in playing music it is part of dance, singing, performing and yourself. We all have natural rhythm, some people have this naturally others have to work at it but it’s always there, just depends on the steps you take to train yourself.

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