Piano For All – Course Review
Created by piano teacher Robin Hall, Piano For All has been around for many years but is now starting to become one of the most popular courses available. Over the years of development the course has now finally grown up and become a complete and comprehensive course for beginner and advanced players alike.

The course provides 200 video lessons and 500 different audio lessons and the sheer number of lessons contained in Piano for All will certainly teach anyone how to quickly learn the techniques of playing the piano or keyboard.

The lessons have been thoughtfully arranged and laid out based on the different skill levels of piano students, so even if you are a complete novice or a relatively advanced piano player then there will be plenty of useful content in this course.

So how does the course work?

Piano For All comprises of 10 different eBooks which are combined with over 200 videos, 500 audio files, examples and exercises.

After an initial induction the course begins with showing basic chord structures to popular songs. These are then combined with rhythms that become gradually more complex followed by more complete chords.

To get the most out of Piano For All it is important not to try and skip steps but to follow the lessons in the order they are presented.

The lessons are also enhanced by a variety of memorization techniques and shortcuts which do on the whole help.

Unlike the traditional approach to lessons, Piano For All teaches a ‘play by ear’ technique first before moving on to site reading.

Where Piano For All really excels over many teach yourself courses is it’s ease of use. The interactive eBooks and lessons are quick and simple to use.

Probably the most negative aspect of Piano For All is the quality of videos. This is probably due to the technology available to creator Robin Hall at the time of producing many of the lessons.

Overall however Piano For All is a very good course, established and has some very good, genuine reviews from people who have clearly benefited from this system.

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