The Sustain pedal is the most important pedal and the one you will commonly use when playing piano. It is usually the pedal the rightmost of two or three pedals. Some stage pianos and modern digital pianos only have a sustain pedal option so you don’t need to worry about figuring out which one is the sustain option.

The idea behind using the sustain pedal is to blend notes together that might be of distance, for example when playing chords or an arpeggio figure bass line. Once you learn how to use the pedal you will put it into practice in everything you play.
The tricky part is learning how to use the pedal and controlling when you have it down and when you release it.

A general rule to follow as a beginner – If playing a song in common time or 4 beats per bar. Put the pedal down on beat one and release after beat 4 and then back down again on beat one. This is something you can practice away from the piano as well when listening to your favourite songs.

My top tip would be to learn an intermediate song something like My Heart will go on from the soundtrack Titanic is a perfect song to add the pedal into. Learn this by memory and then start integrating the pedal into your daily practice.

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