Getting into a routine of playing different exercises as a beginner is really important for progress and for developing a good natural technique.
A key element of fingering exercises is the focus on daily repetitions of strengthening hands and fingers, so even your weaker fingers become strong and you can use these naturally to play your music.

Exercises not only help with learning where the keys are, they are designed to teach you how to correctly position your hands and fingers on the piano and keyboard.

I suggest playing exercises daily and making them part of your practice and finding ones that you like. You can make them fun and interesting if taught the correct way, and the results will be superb performances consistently. Once you get to grips with a couple of the exercises slowly, you can then work on increasing your speed and use a metronome or like I prefer using a real drum beat to play along too. This then sets you a challenge and also works on building good rhythm. A good thing to do is to set yourself a starting speed once you have learnt the exercise and then every day you go back to practice increase your speed slightly until you reach your goal. 130 BPM is a good challenge, so give it a go!

A favourite of mine are the Hanon exercises. These are designed to build strength, endurance and general proficiency with all fingers and they sound good! These exercises are built on moving up and down the piano in octaves.

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