Dynamics are what transform a piece of music and turn it into a performance. This is something I introduce to all my students from the very beginning.

There are many musical terms relating to the variation in dynamics, but at the end of the day it simply comes down to playing expressively. All it needs is for you to tell a story through your playing and this will engage your audience and transform your songs.

When we speak or tell a story we always add expression to our language to make the story interesting or to emphasize a point, otherwise you lose the listeners attention and the whole thing can become boring and dreary.

Playing a musical piece is exactly the same, and even just playing something very simple can be transformed by dynamics and expression.

The first step to doing this learning to play the song without having to think too hard about the chords or melody, so when it comes to bringing your music to life, you can focus all your energy into your performance.

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Have a listen to my performance on the video lesson below and listen out for the variation in volume and expression.

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