Chords are the key to success on the piano and keyboard and are the life blood behind any piece of music you will ever play.

As a beginner I will show you the two most common and popular chord types. These are Major and Minor Chords, and when played together they form popular songs, many of my beginners lessons, infact most of the course consist of these two chord types.

You may be thinking as your reading this “What are chords?”

Chords are a combination of three notes when strummed together they sound great.

Major chords are described as the happy sounding chords and Minor chords are described as the sad sounding chords.

A nice exercise to do once you have learnt a few of both is to put major and minor together and see how nice they sound.

*C Major into A Minor, F Major and G Major is a nice combination.

You just need to learn three basic chords to play a song, and yes believe it or not this is all it takes to get you playing hands together.

Chords are one of the first things I show beginners and this happens in your first lesson with me. There are two simple formulas to work out Major and Minor chords. Once you have learnt this, you can work out any chord on any key of the piano.

For example playing C Major/F Major and G Major, form a 12 bar blues which is great on the piano and keyboard and anybody can do this.

12 bar blues are very popular on the piano and keyboard and famous rock legends such as Elvis Presley used this pattern in many of his songs. Hound dog and Blue Suede Shoes are a couple of examples. They are dead easy to play but ever so catchy and you will enjoy showing off within a few weeks of playing if you like to ROCK!

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Get rocking and have a good day!