Beginners Song Lessons

Beginners Song List:
Let It Be – Learn Now >>
Annie’s Song – Learn Now >>
Amazing Grace – Learn Now >>
Don’t Look BacK In Anger – Learn Now >>

Many people mistakenly think that it’s going to take years to learn great songs on piano and keyboard and will have to learn endless amounts of theory and read through boring text books to become a great player.

This isn’t the case and in fact you can learn all the theory and essentials as you go along.

Playing piano is easy if you learn the right way – it’s just sitting down at the piano and picking some great songs out you want to play and get motivated this way, using modern teaching methods which is how I teach.

The key to success is simply to get rocking!

If you learn just three or four simple chords on the piano, the notes in these chords can be transformed into popular songs without too much effort. You can be playing hands together after one lesson if you are taught the correct way.

This is what my beginners lessons are going to do they are going to get you playing fantastic melody arrangements in a short period of time.

The 3 lessons I have chosen for you are great songs and vary in genre so you have a good all round selection of song choice.

The first two are very simple and contain individual notes in the left and right hand and the third song is a little bit more advance as I show you how to bring chords in the left hand which are really great and once you have learnt a couple you get the feeling for them on the piano and they are easy but sound great.

My lessons are laid out in stages. Some songs are done hands apart so I show you the melody in your right hand then the left hand and then I join them up, others are shown hands together in sections slowly.

This approach to learning is by far the most fun and the quickest way to play and I suggest you practice all your songs in small stages. You can do this by pausing the videos.

As you progress and the more videos you watch from me I highlight important tips and techniques that need to be applied when playing so make sure you listen out for these tips that I throw in during my lessons.