Arpeggios are a great exercise designed to teach you good technique and get you moving comfortably over a wide range of keys on the piano. They are based on chords which makes them very easy to pick up as the pattern consists of just three notes. The only difference to playing these three notes as a chord is instead of playing the notes down at the same time you break them up and play them individually moving up and down the piano or keyboard.
The slightly trickier part of learning these is mastering the technique and how your hands and arms need to be positioned as you move up and down the piano.

Here is a perfect example of how Arpeggios are used in Piano and Keyboard:

Theme From Titanic

Example taken from my beginners course – A.S.A.Piano Beautiful Ballads Collection.
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Not only are arpeggios great as a learning exercise, they also sound nice and are a common figure in the left hand as a bass accompaniment. You can also use them to finish a song which sounds really effective and once you’ve mastered one arpeggio the fingering pattern is similar for the rest of the keys so it’s a very simple but effective way of finishing a song and making it sound professional.

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Now watch this Arpeggio lesson…


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